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PM&E Inc. is a canadian company based in Toronto.
PM&E Inc. has expanded its business activities beyond the design, development and implementation of solar power technologies (Modular Photovoltaic System, or MPVS) and focuses on the field of aeronautics through the acquisition of Evada Aircraft Corp.

Evada Aircraft has three (3) major divisions:

* EVADA Aircraft Corp: located in Wyoming – USA, the company is responsible for the mounting and assembly of the parts of the aircraft and commercializing the existing models the Rally and the Century.

* EVADA Aircraft SA: located in Sousse – TUNISIA, the company is responsible for the manufacturing of the aircraft’s parts.

* EVADA Services: located in Sousse – TUNISIA, is an air service company that focuses on:

  • Aerial agricultural treatment: aerial crop spraying, mosquito and locust control.
  • Banner towing
  • Pilot training
  • First flight

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EVADA Aircraft

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