PM&E Inc. listed on the OTC Markets under symbol PMEA, is an US development stage corporation based in Wyoming – USA, which focuses on the field of aeronautics.
The Management of PM&E Inc. has decided to branch out into the field of aeronautics through the strategic acquisition of EVADA Aircraft Corp.
PM&E Inc.’s  Divisions :
* EVADA Aircraft Corp: located in Wyoming – USA, the HQ of Evada will soon be responsible for the mounting and assembly of the parts of the EVADA A4 aircrafts.
* EVADA Aircraft SA: located in Sousse – TUNISIA, the company will be responsible for the manufacturing of the aircraft’s parts.
* EVADA Services SARL: located in Sousse – TUNISIA, is an air service company that focuses on: (i) Aerial agricultural treatment: aerial crop spraying, mosquito and locust control, (ii) Banner towing, (iii) Pilot training & (iv) First flight.

PM&E Inc. might consider in the near future further strategic acquisitions to enhance its inorganic growth.