A Canadian National – is an entrepreneurial Businessman, who brings over 18 years experience in National & International Business Management. He has been successfully providing the First Nations communities in North America with an opportunity to intersect with communication and marketing on a worldwide scale.

During his career, Mr. Bourne has acquired various skills and a solid experience in Business Development, Asset Management, Investment, Marketing & Promotion
and Executive Financial Planning.

Mr. Bourne has been involved and heavily focusing, in the last 10 years, on the Telecommunications, Financial and Renewable Energy sectors in senior roles.

Through his contacts and negotiations capabilities, he has been able to facilitate large projects and joint venture agreements for different national and international enterprises.

He has successfully achieved an IPO of his own founded company Unisource Inc. on the OTC Market New York.

As well as an IPO for a Swiss company he founded in 2010 on the FSE Frankfurt, Germany. Mr. Bourne is a decisive decision maker and is extremely resourceful and passionate to the success of the business and to the maximization of the shareholders value.

He is presently the CEO of Veritas Equity Inc. a Canadian consultancy company, assisting clients, to list on various Stock Exchanges in the US and in Europe and to raise capital for their individual needs and ventures.

Mr. Bourne speaks fluent English, and is learning German & French.

Mr. Willis has over 15 years experience in business development, real estate sales,commodities trading and venture capitalism markets before he expanded into the energysector.
The relationships he forged while selling international and domestic luxuryhomes, led to prospects in the capital markets.
He successfully raised capital in excessof a billion dollars for oil and gas exploration and production and development.
In the petroleum industry he has forged strategic relationships in the industry with clients
such as XTO Energy, Devon Energy and Northcote.

His extensive background in O&Ghas forged unique relationships that extend far beyond the traditional scope. In addition to the cultivation of client satisfaction.

Mr. Willis currently works in the US markets for Hudson Dean in the Midwest and Southwest, like Pimex Oil, Nytex, Southwest Oil and On Shore Oil and Drilling. He will head the Hudson Deam US E&P office in Texas and in is currently negotiating with both Northcote and Pimex on new oil development in Mexico.

He holds a Bachelors degree inMarketing from the University of Texas.

A German / Tunisian National- is an experienced Entrepreneur who brings over 25 years experience in Technology, Telecom and Business Administration.
He has held various executive positions in sales and management at technology and telecommunications companies across Europe and the United States i.e. President & CEO of Amitelo AG in Zurich / Switzerland, Executive VP of GNT Global Network Telephone in Frankfurt / Germany, Sales Director of CATEL Telecom AG in Frankfurt.

He has been the founder of several Start-up companies across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the US to name a few: GlobalNET Beirut, MIDNET SAL Beirut, SUN Telecom GmbH Frankfurt, SUNTEL SARL Casablanca, and Amitelo AG Zurich, Yatinoo Inc. Boston.
He has succeeded several listings of his own founded companies on several stock exchanges on the OTC Market, OTCBB in the USA, the Entry Standard and the open market of Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

He was instrumental in achieving record annual growth for GNT Global Network Telephone with sales of 5 million growing over 57 million Euros within 2 years of time.
Khaled Akid spent 7 years with the U.S. Department of Defense and its U.S. Contracting Command in Europe, where he managed procurement of $30 million USD in Augsburg. Khaled Akid was educated at the ISG Institut Superieur de Gestion in Tunis / Tunisia and both the U.S. Army Defense Management College in Fort Lee, New Jersey and the U.S. Air Force University of Technology in Ohio.
He speaks fluently Arabic, French, English, German and basic spanish.

Mr. DiClemente has over 35 years of experience, as Upper Management and Senior Configuration Specialist/Integration Engineer with extensive experience in multiple disciplines in the development, analysis, testing and certification of major air vehicles. He is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He is a senior aircraft design generalist and mentor working in many areas of aerospace engineering, aircraft design and integration in both commercial and military programs.
He learned to fly as a Naval Officer and is an aircraft owner/operator and holds a B.S.A.E and M.S.A.E in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan. He served as Senior Configuration Specialist at the McDonnell Douglas Corporation (1999 Robert J. Collier Trophy) and was their first certified conceptual designer running many successful programs. There, he developed and managed many new air vehicle and technology programs.
He helped start Eclipse Aviation, as their first employee, serving as Director of the Integration Services team and accountable for eight disciplines: Aerodynamics, Mass Properties, Human Factors, Safety, Loft, Cost, Configuration Management and Flight Simulation groups. He was the key designer to establish the air vehicle.
He then assisted the U.S. Naval Air Warfare Center as a Program Manager leading the group’s largest program and assisted in the development of new product development expertise to the group.
Utilizing his vast technical and managerial new product expertise he formed Air Vehicle Integration, Inc in 1995 a veteran owned aerospace consulting company providing expertise in company new startups, new product design, technology validation, business planning, and financing among various other disciplines. Some of the past programs include the SeaScout, an unmanned seaworthy air vehicle that was first to autonomously land in history. Additionally he led the design effort of the ICON Aircraft Model A5 amphibian LSA; winner of the 2009 IDEA award (Industrial Design Excellence Award). Mr. DiClemente is currently CEO and Founder of Wave Aircraft, Inc a new startup in Michigan.